We are on our way to become a worldwide distributor of the best virtual reality content

The virtual reality industry is still young and on the verge of many breakthroughs, both in technology and content. As a result the industry’s distribution landscape has yet to take shape. This is where &samhoud media takes a leading role, as a pioneer in the industry.

The VR Cinema is a huge success in Amsterdam and in pop-up locations across Europe. We are in talks with partners around the world to launch new locations in large numbers. China is the next country where the VR Cinema will open its doors at the end of December 2016, leading to around 50 cinemas by May 2017.

As a distributor, we are able to bring the world’s best content to the VR Cinema, before it finds a second life on digital platforms. &samhoud media has the ambition to be the leading global player as producer, aggregator as well as distributor.

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